The Canvas Jacket

$640 $660


We are proud to present our second line of jackets . We have looked at all the features we can improve on and think we have got the ultimate work jacket sorted. These jackets will be your new must have. We have thoroughly tried and tested them through all of New Zealand's toughest terrains and weather. They are made from an ultra tough rip proof canvas exterior, perfect for when you find yourself bush bashing through gorse and blackberry out on the hill. We have used 100% New Zealand cross-bred wool on the interior of our Jackets. This provides a multitude of benefits including superior warmth, breathable , lightweight as well as supporting our farmers using this fantastic natural resource.

Another benefit of our wool interior is that Wool is a heat regulator.
It regulates your body temperature the same way as it does on the sheep. As the body temperature rises the wool has the amazing ability to transfer heat and moisture along every fibre and release it into the cooler, drier environment, and when its cold it keeps the heat in which means our jackets are more breathable than down jackets as well as being super warm when the temperature drops.

Key Features 

  • Breathable wool interior
  • 100% Windproof
  • Heavy duty waterproof YKK zips
  • Super tough canvas exterior
  • 5 Deep Pockets (2 internal pockets 3 exterior pockets)
  • Fleece lined pockets for extra warmth 
  • NEW STYLE feature 6 pockets ( 4 exterior pockets ,2 internal pockets)
  • NEW STYLE features seam slit on either side of the jacket to allow unrestricted leg movement.
  • Reinforced Canvas around interior waistline to prevent rubbing on belts ect and prevent wear.
  • 100% New Zealand made
  • Removable zip hood
  • Water resistant 
  • Cuff sealing with fleece lining

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